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Moving Boxes, Supplies, & Moving Kits for less

You've just found the absolute best price boxes & Moving Supplies in Sandy Springs Ga brought to you by Georgia Green Box.  We have Atlanta's largest selection of new & once used moving boxes in Sandy Springs and give you Free Delivery of moving boxes, moving kits, & moving supplies when you order $100+. Click here for information about our Free Delivery You can also come by our Atlanta, Ga store to pick out custom box sizes from Sm. $0.50 boxes to XL. boxes for $0.99 each.

Cheap Moving Boxes

Once Used Large moving boxes - $1

New Small moving
boxes for $0.50

New Wardrobe
moving boxes $7.99
Moving Box Kits

28 Moving boxes, 30 feet of bubble wrap, and 2 double size rolls of tape for $29.99
The Decatur Moving Boxes Kit $29.99

28 moving Boxes and two wardrobe moving boxes for $29.99
The Studio Atlanta Moving Kit $29.99
38 Moving Boxes, Two Dish barrel boxes, 30' of bubble wrap, and 1 tape gun with double size roll of tape for $49.99 The Brookhaven Moving Kit $49.99
Ask about Free Delivery
for $100+ orders!
   The College Moving kit $29.99
The Midtown Moving Box kit $49.99
Wardrobe Box Moving Kits
Wardrobe Box Moving Kit #2 w/ 7 Wardrobes & Tape
Wardrobe Box Kit #1 w/ 5 Wardrobes & Tape
Need Help?

Give us a call if you have a question or would like to put together a custom order.
Moving Supply Kits
Packing Supplies Kit
for moving $29.99

Picture / Mirror Boxes
kit $29.99

25 pounds of heavy duty packing paper and two double size rolls of moving tape for $29.99
25 lb packing paper &
2 rolls tape- $29.99

Large Dish Pack kit
with Dish Saver
Flat Panel LCD / LED
Tv Moving Kit
Click Here
Store Locations

Each of the links below will take you to unbeatable prices on our moving boxes & moving kits:

Moving Boxes from $0.50 each Moving Kits from $29.99 Packing Supplies
(Ga Green Box.com)
24" Wardrobe Boxes from $7.99
90 Moving Boxes - $99.99

If you are moving and need packing supplies, we're here to help you.
BoxesForMoving © division of Georgia Green Box in Sandy Springs gives you unbeatable prices on your moving boxes and Moving Supplies with new moving boxes starting at $0.50 for Sm to $0.99 for XL Moving boxes. Get all of your Moving supplies as well at up to 75% off any other retail pricing in the Sandy Springs and Atlanta areas and get them delivered to your home for free when you order $100+ . Why would you want to pay $5.00, $4.00, or even $2.00 for a BOX when you can get a generous selection of 100% Recycled, Med. to Xlarge ; New & Used Moving Boxes from Georgia Green Box for $0.99 each?!

We also have a GREAT selection of Moving kits that include boxes for moving and supplies like tape, bubble wrap, stretch wrap, mattress bags, tape guns & more from $29.99 / kit. The best deal on moving supplies in a kit in Sandy Springs. Give us a call at 770-220-1800 & we will promptly deliver your order to Sandy Springs, Ga FREE OF CHARGE for orders over $100. Or simply come to our new retail store just minutes from Sandy Springs with no minimum purchase requirement. Since we're Georgia Green Box, a local Ga business, we are proud to have the best pricing and service on moving boxes and supplies in Ga. WE ARE NOT AN INTERNET COMPANY! We are a local business with quality moving supplies and always give positive customer experiences.
Check out all of our Moving Kits HERE

Questions about our Moving Boxes, Packing Supplies or Free Delivery?


How do you sell NEW boxes that are 100% Recycled?
Many of the new boxes that we sell are indeed 100% Recycled. We have close connections with many industrial and commercial industries that from time to time discontinue a product line or are simply overstocked on a particular size of box. In the spirit of being environmentally friendly, we purchase their obsolete boxes rather than allowing them to be thrown in the landfill or use unnecessary resources to grind them up and recycle them. These boxes have never been used and are 100% Recycled.

Do you sell Used Boxes?
At Georgia Green Box, we also sell used boxes for moving and shipping. Unlike many others, the used boxes we sell have NEVER BEEN USED BY THE PUBLIC. They are all clean and in 'Like-New' condition as they where mostly used for transporting smaller boxes.

In what areas do you offer Free Delivery?
We offer Free Delivery on all of our boxes and packing supplies in and around the city of Sandy Springs and North of the perimeter. You can visit our free delivery page at www.georgiagreenbox.com for more information.

Can I come into your location to buy boxes?
Yes, you can absolutely come to our Chamblee Atlanta box store at 2100 American Industrial Way to buy boxes directly with no minimum purchase requirement.

Do you have a minimum purchase requirement?
You can buy as many or as few boxes as you need. Whether you need 1 or 10,000 boxes, we've got you covered. We are proud to serve the general public as well as businesses and industries.

Can I bring an item I want to ship into the store to find a box?
Yes, we encourage all of our shipping customers including eBayers and online businesses to bring what they're shipping into any one of our three box stores for assistance in finding the perfect fit box for what you need to ship. This helps us save our shipping customers on the costs of shipping not to mention the excellent values we have on shipping boxes!

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